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Trade Shows

Stand out from the crowd at your next trade show with Star’s best-of-breed exhibition services.

With Star as your full-service exhibition architects, you’ll have a creative and intuitive partner that can help elevate your presence at your industry’s expo or trade show—backed by over 50 years of proven experience creating engaging, dynamic exhibits from initial sketch to final build.

Conferences At Any Scale

At Star, we pride ourselves on our effective, multi-tiered suite of creative, design, and marketing communication services for its clients that—combined with our acclaimed exhibit and graphics services—ensures a harmonious, one-stop even solution partner from start to finish.

Our Conference specfic services include Whole-Event Branding and Graphic Design, Sponsorship Graphic Support, and Specialty advertising products.



Rely On Star’s Expertise

Our wide selection of full agency services streamlines and minimizes your coordination efforts. Working with us means the convenience of having all the necessary services at your disposal to create a successful event.

Our trained professionals can provide development and design of the overall branding for your event sponsors. We even provide a wide variety of branded marketing promotions and apparel for the event.

Site & Venue Management

Working with our event services team at Star, we can manage all aspects of your site and venue management needs, from research, prelim previews and site inspections, to final venue contract negotiations and venue communication management. Our event team can work with you to obtain the best options based on your event and budget requirements.

Program Management

Star’s event services team will manage all of your program requirements and logistics from planning through onsite execution. Then we’ll deliver a thorough post-program review. Our comprehensive planning tools and processes ensure that every event specification is captured, managed and distributed to the right people during your event. We’ll manage every detail, from strategy, logistics and staffing to VIP arrangements, speakers and entertainment, so you can focus on delivering your key message.

Registration Management

Our in-house registration team provides a streamlined, stress-free, accurate registration experience with services that include concierge support, hotel and room block contract management, finance reconciliation, sponsor and speaker registration management, badge fulfillment, and post-program surveys and reporting.

Sponsorship Management

At Star, we understand the vital role sponsorships play with your conference event. With that in mind, we’ll manage everything from show floor design, budget, plus booth and trade show contractor management. And we work with your sponsors to ensure they build ROI and want to return to your event year after year, through prospectus development and sales support to contract administration, white-glove treatment for premier sponsors and onsite implementation.

Travel Management

Our events team can provide end-to-end travel services for your event. We can negotiate optimal air blocks and the most cost-effective airfares and hotel rooms. We can also manage booking and ticketing, seat assignments and boarding passes, budget, corporate risk and compliance, charter flights, VIP travel and more.

Podio – Our Customizable Event Management platform

Star uses top-of-the-line technologies to manage your event, which allows us to be flexible with the tools you’re currently using, while also allowing us to customize your platform to your specific needs. Our customized Star Podio platform integrates well with current CRM and marketing automation suites. Use it as your standalone system for managing your event program, or as an additional feature to add to your existing suite of event management tools.

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