Design Fundamentals

By Larry Holtz Director/Partner, Star Incorporated It’s certainly true that many things have changed in the trade show industry over the past 75 years. Having had over 40 years in this business myself, I have seen first-hand this remarkable evolution. Venues have...


One of the most expensive aspects of exhibiting is material handling or drayage. Drayage is billed to exhibitors by the hundredweight (CWT) of freight for the round-trip services provided by the general service contractor (GSC). To compute drayage costs, the weight of...

Choosing the Right Exhibit Space

Determining the type of space you need is one of the first things to decide on once you know you’re going to a trade show and your budget has been established. Inlines An inline, is just that, in-a-line, typically with other inline booths along the outside perimeter...
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