Rental & Lease Programs



Rental Programs: Pre-owned Custom Exhibits

Pulling from our stock of pre-existing custom exhibit components, Star can develop a unique rental package for you that achieves a custom presence with minimal impact to your trade show budget. During the design process we review existing inventory of stock panels, counters, extrusions, etc. and then draw upon those components to mastermind a new look just for you. While our rental program is typically used for a single show, renting the same exhibit for more than one show is also possible.

If you want to achieve a custom look with minimal investment, take advantage of what our rental program has to offer.


  • Custom components of pre-owned inventory
  • Single or multi-show commitment
  • Additional customization options available
  • Includes FREE design and project management


  • A custom look with minimal investment
  • You define your commitment level
  • Update your message with every show
  • Fixed price allows you to better plan and budget for your trade show

Lease Programs: Build-to-suit Custom Exhibits

If you have more specific exhibit marketing requirements, and would like a completely unique look for your next trade show, Star offers a build-to-suit custom exhibit through a multi-show lease program. Our team will work with you to design and build a brand new custom exhibit, based on specific functional, marketing, and design criteria that you identify.

Our lease program is unique because it gives you the ability to achieve a completely custom look, while spreading out your payments into a manageable payment plan based on your show schedule. As an added benefit, if you’re interested in keeping your exhibit, Star also offers a low cost buy-out option at the end of your lease period.


  • Completely custom design and build based on criteria that you identify
  • Distributed payments through multiple show commitment
  • Low cost buy-out option available
  • Includes FREE design and project management


  • A big budget look with manageable financial impact
  • Distributed payments allows for maximum use of budgeted marketing dollars
  • Option to buy optimizes money spent
  • No commitment beyond lease period still allows for fairly frequent updates

Exhibits designed specifically for you—in every way.

The Star exhibit rental and lease programs provide the trade show exhibitor with an effective marketing environment while controlling overall costs. Our hybrid lightweight exhibit structures provide maximum impact for your marketing message, while reducing up front and field costs. Additionally, there are no ancillary fees to further burden your budget.

We give you a choice—design and build brand new or select components from our stock of pre-owned exhibits. And rent an exhibit for a single trade show or utilize it for an entire series of shows.

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